SpinOlution Lazy Kate

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The SpinOlution Lazy Kate fits all bobbin sizes except the 64 oz. It can be placed on the floor for easy plying next to all of our wheels, or attached to the Monarch, Hopper, Echo, and Firefly. I prefer using it on the floor for plying, and attached to the wheel for holding bobbins of yarn to wind off into skeins. 

Magnets on the back of the kate hold the bobbin rods when not in use.

Plying with the Kate attached is easiest when bobbins or plying threads are on the outermost rods of the Kate.

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The Lazy Kate ships FREE when ordered with a spinning wheel! I recommend adding this accessory if you are purchasing a Monarch, Echo, Hopper, or Firefly. All other SpinOlution wheel models include Lazy Kates.