SpinOlution Worker Bee

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The SpinOlution Bee spinning wheel is a folding, portable spinning wheel that comes with one flyer size and three bobbins.

If you are shopping for a foldable spinning wheel to spin bulky art yarns - the Worker Bee is the model you are looking for.

ASHLEY'S $0.02: I helped Mike brainstorm the concept for this wheel as a portable folding wheel designed for art yarn spinners. If you want to spin art yarn on a Bee - the Worker Bee is that wheel. The 16 oz flyer is compatible with 8 oz bobbins, so you can spin single ply yarns on 8 oz bobbins and then ply them onto 16 oz bobbins.

If you are shopping for an art yarn wheel, I recommend comparing the Worker Bee to the Bullfrog OR Echo with 16 oz flyer. The Worker Bee has a wide ratio range that you will never use if you are only art yarn or bulky spinning. The Worker Bee has a shallower treadle motion and I find that I prefer the treadle momentum of a Bullfrog or Echo. However - if you want to be able to spin everything from cobweb to rope - the Worker Bee is an ideal wheel for you. It all depends on what you'll be spinning most.

Bobbin Size: 16 oz (also compatible with 8 oz)
Weight: 13-14 pounds

Open Dimensions
Height: 30"
Width: 19"
Depth: 13"

Folded Dimensions
Height 12"
Width: 19"
Depth: 9"