SpinOlution Pollywog

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The Pollywog is a portable, affordable entry-level spinning wheel for the young and young at heart. I presented my idea for a "children's wheel" to Mike Pauly in 2016 and he came up with the Pollywog. It is now SpinOlution's BEST SELLING spinning wheel.

The price point and ease of use make this wheel ideal for beginner spinners of all ages and heights. The treadling is effortless and this wheel is easy to learn on if you are just getting started.

I recommend sitting in a low chair (I prefer my piano stool) when using this wheel so the orifice doesn't feel too low. If you prefer a higher orifice, you can purchase the SpinOlution orifice riser accessory in my shop.

The Pollywog has a lot of fun accessories:

  • Accelerator Accessory adds a wider range of high speeds for spinning finer yarns
  • 12 oz Flyer with One Bobbin adds more bobbin capacity for bulkier yarns. 
  • Orifice Riser brings the orifice up 3 inches to a standard height.

ASHLEY'S $0.02: As you are looking into buying a spinning wheel for spinning art yarn, I recommend looking at the Bullfrog or Echo wheels instead of a Pollywog. I find the 4 oz bobbin size and orifice hook limiting for the super-bulky yarns. You will need to manually wind on thick yarns when spinning on the Pollywog. I find that the 12 oz Golden Whorl speeds are too fast for spinning bulky yarns. The Pollywog is engineered for worsted, chunky, and fine yarns. 

If thick and funky art yarns are your style - you might feel like you "outgrow" the Pollywog faster than the Bullfrog or Echo. The price of a Bullfrog or Echo is less than a Pollywog + Accessories.