Shipping Policy

I have two types of products for sale in my shop. Neauveau product and SpinOlution product. 

  • SpinOlution products are drop-shipped from their West Coast manufacturing facility in Winlock, WA or San Jacinto, CA. The average shipping time is 4 to 6 weeks. SpinOlution wheels have free shipping in the USA. International shipping on SpinOlution wheels is calculated based on the box size and weight and 2019 rates can be found on this chart.
  • Neauveau products are shipped via USPS from my East Coast zip code 02703. I try to get to the post office once a week, but this might be extended by a day or two if there is a holiday , my kids are sick, or I'm traveling.


SpinOlution Spinning wheel orders must be placed separately from Neauveau product orders for accurate shipping rates. I apologize for this inconvenience.