My Philosophy


I am an apprentice of beauty and texture, using materials that I find inspiring to grow and ground myself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

I teach gently and mindfully, letting each student discover their own ability, while answering technical or functional questions that may arise. My goal as a teacher is that every student will enjoy the process of making in my class, feel relaxed while learning, and be able to fully meditate on their work either during class or when they go home and repeat what they have learned. 

Healing and growth happens when I am able to meditate on what I am making. When the studio disappears and I am wholly focused on the story, purpose, or texture I am creating - my mind is freed from trauma, stress, and worry. These are the moments where gratitude and prayer go deep into the healing of the soul, and the textile becomes a core memory.

I am not a machine, and I do not aspire to be one. I am alive, and machines are not. I enjoy slow fashion and making textiles full of beauty, life, and spirit. There are processes I enjoy (washing wool, spinning bulky, weaving) and processes I do not enjoy (dyeing, knitting, following patterns) - and I am finally at peace with that.

I work with natural fibers, I spin on slow ratios, and I weave irregular fabrics and tapestries. I do not need to dye, spin fine, or knit to be considered worthy or talented or skilled. 

My philosophy is:

  1. Make what you enjoy making.
  2. Find & grow the natural talents you were born with.
  3. Inspire yourself with spiritual truths and eternal thinking.
  4. Let go of the desire to control your art.
  5. Be content with who you are in the community.
  6. Do not allow anyone to make you feel less than precious to the Author of Life.

There is enough work to be done for today. Working during creative time is not healthy for the spirit. Give yourself permission to play. Reconnect your heart to your inner child and make what you find beautiful today.